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Rage Against the Devil by T. Birmingham #CoverReveal #LifeWithRox

Will the Dark and the Light be able to band together to defeat a serial killer terrorizing the state of New York, or will their differences destroy them?

Rox's thoughts at the end...

Rage Against the Devil will be available on April 28th, 2017.

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Nicholas Arviso is a restless wolf. He’s sought one mission after another, trying to escape his past sins, but a man cannot run from his misdeeds forever, and after finding a crime scene in his own backyard, he has no clue that he is on a collision course that could uncover secrets long buried.

Eire Donovan doesn’t need to run. She’s a cold, hard bitch whose precise and dangerous gifts make her the thing evil fears. She is the death that Others flee from, and as an enforcer, Eire knows what it takes to destroy the Darkness.

Except she herself is the Darkness. She herself is Other.

But when Eire must investigate a series of Other’s deaths - the most recent of which is in Montville, New York - she comes face to face with the one thing that could finally make her run: who she really is.

As the Light and the Dark band together to take on a common enemy, will the Clans and the Others be able to stay the course and defeat the threat? Or will their differences destroy them?

*Disclaimer: smexy scenes, kickass heroines, murder, mystery, fantasy...and yes, wolfmen and shifters.

**Trigger Warning: This book contains situations of sexual abuse/assault that may be difficult for some readers.

Rox's thoughts: This cover is hauntingly beautiful and the blurb...I can't wait to read this book! Eire seems so icy, cold, and hard but I want to see how Nick thaws her out.

Author Bio:

T. is an Amazon Bestselling author who creates stories in her wee apartment with a tortoise her nephew calls Yoda, but who she has secretly renamed Hagrid (because Harry Potter is way cool). She's traveled all over but still needs to hit all seven continents.

In each story she writes, she tries to capture the heart of the characters and the relationships. Some people would say that the story line is the most important. Others would say the grammar. But T. believes that a truly good story has, first and foremost, complex characters and powerful relationships. She writes Urban Fantasy/PNR and really loves the drama and the epic moments that fantasy brings about. Who doesn't love a good dramatic moment or an even better sex or fight scene?

T. lives in New England, is hoping to one day build a log cabin home in the mountains, is still searching for her own Man Bear, and watches Once Upon a Time and Nicolas Sparks movies when she needs to remind herself that fairytales really do exist. ​

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