Saturday, April 15, 2017

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Thank you so much for stopping by! Today I want to highlight some people going to the Wanderlust Event next month in Dallas, Texas!

**From the Amazon Bestselling author of The Devil's Pride**
Nicholas Arviso is a restless wolf. He’s sought one mission after another, trying to escape his past sins, but a man cannot run from his misdeeds forever, and after finding a crime scene in his own backyard, he has no clue that he is on a collision course that could uncover secrets long buried. 
Eire Donovan doesn’t need to run. She’s a cold, hard bitch whose precise and dangerous gifts make her the thing evil fears. She is the death that Others flee from, and as an enforcer, Eire knows what it takes to destroy the Darkness.
Except she herself is the Darkness. She herself is Other.
But when Eire must investigate a series of Other’s deaths - the most recent of which is in Montville, New York - she comes face to face with the one thing that could finally make her run: who she really is. 
As the Light and the Dark band together to take on a common enemy, will the Clans and the Others be able to stay the course and defeat the threat? Or will their differences destroy them?
*Disclaimer: smexy scenes, kickass heroines, murder, mystery, fantasy...and yes, wolfmen and shifters.

**Trigger Warning: This book contains situations of sexual abuse that may be difficult for some readers.



Due to adult language and sexual conduct this is not meant for readers under the age of 18. 
Its hard to right the wrongs in your life, but when you have to right a wrong you unknowingly made? Things get tricky. In an effort to save his sister, he unintentionally ruined lives of many. Aaron works hard day in and day out to make his businesses thrive. Every other waking moment is spent looking for his opportunity to finally right the ultimate wrong he's made. That is until a fiery redheaded nurse waltzes into his life.   
Bridget's past is coming for her future and everything inside of her is screaming to run away, Screaming to get the danger away from the family shes finally gotten, after being alone for so long. Can she learn to stop running and fight? Can Aaron show Bridget that it will be worth the fight if he gets to keep her safe?
Can be read as a stand alone - ends with a HEA, however some underlying questions may be unanswered.

****These characters fall into a fast love that is full of passion and emotion.****


***A brand new stand-alone holiday story from P. Jameson***
All Francesca Brightwood wants for Christmas is a cure for loneliness. Past tragedies have left her with nothing but her home, her family’s inherited flower shop, and a desperate hope that something brighter is on the horizon. In walks Malcom, right off the streets, and her heart takes notice. The honest way he looks at her, like she’s the calm to his storm, tells her there’s a chance her wishes could come true. But the closer they become, the more Malcom’s mysterious history seems impossible to hurdle. 
Malcom “Skinner” Frazier is hiding from his past, and trying to heal from a crippling injury. When he finds himself in front of Brightwoods Floral & Gifts, he has no idea the woman inside is just as lost as he is. Drawn by her kindness and the careful tenderness in her eyes, he begins to wonder if she can help him find his way. But when the past comes calling, and all of Malcom’s secrets are revealed, will Francesca accept what he truly is and the future he wants with her.
***Contains adult language and explicit sex scenes. Intended for mature audiences only.

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway; I would recommend Long Way Home by Katie McGarry. :)

  2. Me before you! It was such a great book :)


  3. Commented on the wrong area. I'd recommend Deadly Dominance by Adam Reese

  4. Black needs a little more editing but the story is great!

  5. Right now I am reading The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper and I am enjoying it a lot!

  6. I liked The Vintner's Daughter: A Novel by Kristen Harnisch.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  7. I am reading The Court of Mist & Fury by Sarah J. Maas and really enjoying it. I also read the first one and enjoyed it and will be reading the next one!!!

  8. I read Broken Glass by V.C. Andrews. This is the second book in the Mirror Sisters series. I love V. C. Andrews as she is the author of the Flowers in the Attic series. She does tend to write about families and how all the children are connected to each other and the family. As long as you're willing to wait for the next book to be published, you won't be disappointed :)

  9. I read the Star-Touched Queen and A Crown of Wishes and really enjoyed the lyrical prose of both books.