Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Walt Disney World Trip Report - Day 1 03.10.17

After all the fuss and muss, did we make it out of town on schedule?


I seriously packed everything for a 10 day trip that morning.

Picked Charlie up from work at 515ish AM, he came home, took a shower, threw his stuff in the suitcases, and we loaded up the car.

Thankfully, it all fit...we had doubts before we headed down the stairs.

We had to make a stop at Walgreen's for his medication that he informed me he needed THE NIGHT BEFORE. Then I topped off fuel for a last goodbye to Quik Trip, grabbed me and Boo something to eat in the car, and off we went...quietly so Charlie could sleep in the backseat.

Was happy to have my bag of change ready for the "Coins Only" lanes on the Turnpike.

We stopped somewhere in Arkansas....I seriously don't remember where. Filled up on gas and got lunch at McDonald's. With Charlie's food allergies, it and Chik-fil-a are our go to places on the road. Charlie was awake by this time or as awake as someone on his schedule getting used to days can be.

Got turned around in Memphis which isn't the first time that's happened to me. Somehow, I was under the impression we would be hitting one Interstate after another but not so there. We had to do some local traveling around the airport area. I really don't like going that way because I hate that particular bridge over the Mississippi more than I hate the other one by the Bass Pro Shop pyramid.

Really enjoyed our drive through Mississippi and stopped for dinner at McD's again...I think it was in Fulton.

Hit Alabama and was ready for this, the longest portion of our drive, to be over. We hit Birmingham around rush hour, though, and there was an accident so we were slow getting through there.

Was glad to find our Motel 6 shortly thereafter. 

Or was I?

This one...first off, I love fancy hotels BUT I don't need them. Nor do I get upset when a cheap...but CLEAN...motel isn't 5 star worthy. I mean, you get what you pay for and mainly I wanted an inexpensive place to sleep for a few hours. The nice kid at the front desk put us downstairs which I loved. The tub leaked which I did not love. Also, the water pressure was like insane and if you weren't careful you'd get an extra bath while brushing your teeth in the sink. Thankfully, the AC unit drowned out the water dripping noise or I would have had to ask to move.

Pluses at this one: It had the new refurbished wood style floors, a small refrigerator, a microwave, a flat screen TV and the queen beds. The beds and pillows were very comfortable and the room was HUGE. I was hoping our room in Kissimmee would be the same style.

Boo took a shower and we all crawled in bed.