Thursday, March 30, 2017

Disney Cost for Our March 2017 Trip #LifeWithRox

  •'s what I can figure out from our vacation without breaking down exactly the $451 we had on the gift card. I know it was used for food and souvenirs but I don't know the exact break down because I lost those receipts.
  • Tosha is considered an adult at Disney so we paid the same price for all of her stuff that we did for me and Charlie.
  • Total was $4095.77
  • Lodging was at Motel 6 both in Oxford, AL and in Kissimme, FL for a total of 9 nights at the cost of $650.93. This includes daily tips for housekeeping.
  • Tickets for the 3 of us 6 days no park hopping was $1134.24.
  • Parking for 6 days was $120.
  • Gas was $156.97. I love my car. This is why we drove.
  • Souvenirs was $448.10. Lots of pins, a Rivers of Light blanket that I love, a travel coffee mug, a backpack, stuffed Nala for Tosha, Memory Maker Photopass, autograph book, pens, mugs to bring home for the boys, Tosha's very expensive but Mimi had to buy it BB8 shirt, Charlie's very expensive but he had to have it Boba Fett hoodie which earned the scorn of Chewie and the approval of the bounty hunter himself, a Boba Fett phone case for Charlie, a Star Wars t-shirt for Charlie, super duper expensive Rox had to have it hand lotion from Polynesian, and face painting at Hollywood Studios.
  • Food was the biggie. And we made a couple runs to Target while we were there because husband thought he had more underwear than he actually had, he needed another pair of jeans because it ended up being too cold to wear shorts and I didn't feel like doing laundry, and things like another case of water, coffee, creamer, and stuff like that.
  • We had 3 sit down table service meals which can be really pricey but soooooo worth it for us. Those were all you care to eat at 'Ohana and Liberty Tree Tavern and basic fare at Sci-Fi. We also splurged on things like milk shakes, cupcakes, and fancy things called Padawan Lemonades.
  • Since Charlie doesn't get to eat out at home much because of being Gluten free and Dairy free and Disney caters to people with allergies, we splurged. This was a huge reason we went there. On the road, the poor guy is limited pretty much to McDonald's and Chick-fil-a...
  • Grand total for food: $1068.17
  • Now...a bit about how I personally budget....we had more than we thought so I spent it.
  • We also came home with enough money for me to put down on the next trip and all of this was paid in cash except for gas and one night of the hotel on the road.

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