Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dear Diary 09.25.16 #ColdCoffee #Sheerio #YouMatter

This morning I woke up with Ed Sheeran's Cold Coffee song in my head. It is a song that was chosen for the characters Matt and Willa in T. S. Joyce's Gray Back Bad Bear book.

Ed doesn't have any notes about that particular song in his ed sheeran a visual journey book but it is from an EP called Songs I Wrote with Amy

I am going to be switching back to 1st shift from 3rd and I think coffee and sleep must be heavy on my mind. BUT...must be done with all the author signings coming up. Naughty Nashville Author Event is just 18 days away. It has felt like forever until it comes and now it's here!

Life is good. Life. Is. Good. No matter how hard it may be right now, and it is hard...I didn't say "life is easy," it is still "good." Living, breathing...being here. You matter. May your day surprise you with something unexpected and wonderful.

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